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First established in Modena, Italy in 1958 by experienced big game anglers and assisted by skilled technicians and engineers, Everol was born. A high performance range of fishing reels with ultimate performance and durability with minimal maintenance. The reels immediately found favour with experienced anglers and charter operators around the world and from those early days, the modern range of Everol reels was developed.


Manufactured using extruded, anticorodal bars 6060 and AISI 316 stainless steel they are machined using the latest, high tech. ,computer controlled engineering equipment. They are then precision brushed and heavily anodized. Double shielded, stainless steel ball bearings, a long lever drag range and carbon fibre, multi-disc clutch are only a few of the features that make an Everol a high performance fishing reel that with minimal maintenance will last a lifetime.

23rd Mag 2014

Everol VJ 6 Light (Light Jigging, Inchiku)

Especially designed for Light Jigging and Inchiku Six double shielded stainless steel ball bearings and one anti-reverse bearing. Patented drag release button that allows freespool without moving the lever drag (Optional). Stop spool button that allows to brake and to release it again when the jigg slow down. Right and left hand version available.

23rd Mag 2014

Everol Two speed series

A powerful two-speed series of reels designed to tame the largest of gamefish. These reels shift effortlessly between the high (3:1) and low (1.6:1) gears even under the most extreme conditions. The Everol Two-Speed reels feature a gearbox with stainless steel gears. To provide the highest performance, they are assembled on seven double shielded stainless steel ball bearings and two self lubricating bearings.

23rd Mag 2014

Everol downrigger Nautilus

The Everol Nautilus Downrigger is simple yet functional. Built with only the most anti-corrosive components, the Nautilus is built to withstand the insidious saltwater environment.

23rd Mag 2014

Everol roller guides

Hands down, the finest roller guides available today. These guides are extremely lightweight yet feature ball bearings throughout (there are 14 ball bearings used in the set, 4 for the stripper and 2 each on all the other guides)

23rd Mag 2014

Vintage Catalogs

Everol is a company that has been building exquisite, finely machined trolling reels since the late 1958's when the company started building reels that were up to the task of battling the giant bluefin tuna of the Mediterranean.

22nd Mag 2014

Everol Special series

The Special Series is the traditional workhorse of the Everol series of reels. With its multidisc, forced air cooled floating drag system and five double shielded stainless steel ball bearings, the Special Series is ready to take on anything that swims.

21st Mag 2014

Everol Reels Demonstration – US

21st Mag 2014

How an Everol reel borns