Everol Slow Pitch Jigging

RiRevised and improved Everol ESSE J6 and ESSE J8 after extensive testing are finally available. Features expressly studied for the slow pitch, fast recovery, hybrid ceramic bearings, modulated and precise drag make it an ideal product for this technique

8 ball bearings + a unidirectional bearing

Knob mounted on ball bearings for greater sensitivity

Drag lever with 240 ┬░ travel for greater controllability of the power

Lever drag extended on the frame to be able to oparate even with the hand holding the rod leaving free the hand that holds the lever

Adjustable handle - 92, 100 and 108 mm center to center

Ergonomic frame

Low profile for better handling

Line stopper

Everol ESSE J 8

Capacity - 350 meters PE4 (coil at reduced capacity as an option)

Recovery - 1: 6.2 (about 120 cm of line per turn of the handle)

Weight - 620 gr

Everol ESSE J 6

Capacity - 350 meters PE2,5

Recovery - 1: 6.2 (about 100 cm per turn of the handle line)

Weight - 550 gr

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