Everol 2.5 0 Two Speed

A powerful two-speed series of reels designed to tame the largest of gamefish. These reels shift effortlessly between the high (3:1) and low (1.6:1) gears even under the most extreme conditions. The Everol Two-Speed reels feature a gearbox with stainless steel gears. To provide the highest performance, they are assembled on seven double shielded stainless steel ball bearings and two self lubricating bearings.

Size 2.5/0
Line capacity (Yards) 1100/12 700/20
Ratios 1:1,6 – 1:3,7
Weight (Kg) 1,600



# The traditional Everol drag system with a graduated scale on a green sideplate
# Unique drag stop system which allows the angler to place the maximum drag position anywhere along the arc of the drag lever
# Seven double shielded,stainless steel ball bearings, plus two self lubricating bearings
# Stainless steel and carbon fiber drag system
# Quick 3:1 gear ratio in high speed; powerful 1.6:1 gear ratio in low speed
# Easy and reliable shifting mechanism