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First established in Modena, Italy in 1958 by experienced big game anglers and assisted by skilled technicians and engineers, Everol was born. A high performance range of fishing reels with ultimate performance and durability with minimal maintenance. The reels immediately found favour with experienced anglers and charter operators around the world and from those early days, the modern range of Everol reels was developed.


Manufactured using extruded, anticorodal bars 6060 and AISI 316 stainless steel they are machined using the latest, high tech. ,computer controlled engineering equipment. They are then precision brushed and heavily anodized. Double shielded, stainless steel ball bearings, a long lever drag range and carbon fibre, multi-disc clutch are only a few of the features that make an Everol a high performance fishing reel that with minimal maintenance will last a lifetime.

07th Ago 2021

Fluorocarbon and monofilament

20th Feb 2021

Everol Vortex SP1 – Spiral wrapping roller guides

07th Feb 2021

Everol 6/0 Anniversary – Limited Edition

03rd Mag 2020

Everol Twister

Everol Twister is knot tying tools that make that complicated knot to the union of dyneema with fluorcarbon super easy. Tension can be set for perfect, high-precision knots every time....

30th Apr 2019

Everol Slow Pitch Jigging

Rivisti e migliorati Everol ESSE J6 ed ESSE J8 dopo test approfonditi sono finalmente disponibili. Caratteristiche studiate espressamente per lo slow pitch, recupero veloce, cuscinetti ibrido ceramici, frizione modulata e...

30th Gen 2015

Everol VJ 8 Light

The VJ 8 Light has the unique feature of the clutch lever with a run of about 270 ° instead of 180 ° as traditional reels.

28th Dic 2014

Everol T-Shot 80

Everol T–Shot 80 | Line Capacity: 700 Yards 80 lbs/mono

17th Dic 2014

T-Shot 80 [VIDEO]

Video Everol T-Shot 80