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fishing-reels-everolEverol is a company that has been building exquisite, finely machined trolling reels since the late 1958's when the company started building reels that were up to the task of battling the giant bluefin tuna of the Mediterranean. Everol reels definitely deliver the kind of value and performance that is demanded by those who ply the offshore waters in search of big game fish. If you are interested in Everol products we welcome you to contact us. Thank you for visiting the Everol site and good luck on your next fishing outing!!!

24th Lug 2019

More Better Grease by Reel SPA

Reel Spa “More Better” Grease è un grasso sintetico di alta qualità a viscosità media disegnato per lubrificare e proteggere gli ingranaggi qualsiasi tipo di mulinello da pesca. Formulato con...

30th Apr 2019

Everol Slow Pitch Jigging

Rivisti e migliorati Everol ESSE J6 ed ESSE J8 dopo test approfonditi sono finalmente disponibili. Caratteristiche studiate espressamente per lo slow pitch, recupero veloce, cuscinetti ibrido ceramici, frizione modulata e...

30th Gen 2015

Everol VJ 8 Light

The VJ 8 Light has the unique feature of the clutch lever with a run of about 270 ° instead of 180 ° as traditional reels.

28th Dic 2014

Everol T-Shot 80

Everol T–Shot 80 | Line Capacity: 700 Yards 80 lbs/mono

17th Dic 2014

T-Shot 80 [VIDEO]

Video Everol T-Shot 80

17th Dic 2014

T-Shot 50 [VIDEO]

Video Everol T-Shot 50

17th Dic 2014

T-Shot 30 [VIDEO]

Video Everol T-Shot 30

17th Dic 2014

VJ 8 Light [VIDEO]

Video Everol VJ 8 Light