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Everol is a company that has been building exquisite, finely machined trolling reels since the late 1958's when the company started building reels that were up to the task of battling the giant bluefin tuna of the Mediterranean. These stylish, yet rugged and dependable, reels are available in sizes ranging from 2 1/2/O to 14/O and have certain features that are unmatched by the competition. The aluminium parts are machined from bars (ANTICORODAL UNI 3571) for hight strength and rigidity, polished and gold anodized for corosion free performance. Other quality features include one piece stainless steel shaft, duoble shielded stailess steel ball bearings, multidisc forced air cooled floating drag (carbon made), drag limit stop for maximum or minimum power, stainless steel rod clamp, rod braces and harness lugs. Everol reels definitely deliver the kind of value and performance that is demanded by those who ply the offshore waters in search of big game fish. If you are interested in Everol products we welcome you to contact us. Thank you for visiting the Everol site and good luck on your next fishing outing!!!




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